As of 10 November 2016:



The 108 League, hereby known as the “League”, was founded in 2016 by a small group of like minded individuals. We, the League, in order to form a more perfect Organization, establish Fairness, insure intra-league Tranquility, provide for the common defense of GM’s, promote the General Happiness, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the 108 League.

A. 108 League Structure

1. The League consists of 2 Leagues, 4 Divisions of 6 teams.

2. Season length will consist of Spring Training, 162 regular season games, an All-Star game, and 3 rounds of playoffs.
a. Tiebreakers will be scheduled by the OOTP software.

3. The playoffs will consist of 8 teams;
a. Divisional Series – Best of 5
b. League Championship Series – Best of 7
c. World Series – Best of 7

4. The Commissioners and Executive Committee reserves the right to modify divisions and leagues in order to maintain a competitive atmosphere as the league progresses.

B. Minor League Organizational Structure

1. Each team shall have four minor league organizations (AAA, AA, A, Short Season A)
a. GMs may select their minor league team logos, names and locations.
b. While there are no age limits at any level, there are roster limits; AAA – 30, AA – 35, A – 35, SA – 40
c. Please note: GMs are encouraged to populate their lower minors with age appropriate players.
d. Teams will also have 50 spots available in their International Complex.

2. Each minor league level will replicate the League structure. Only the schedule length will differ.

C. Amateur Draft/Rule 5 Draft

1. An Amateur Draft will be held on June 5th of each season. The draft pool will be released 30 days (in-game) prior to the draft. The Amateur Draft will be completed in Statslab. The Pick Timer will start as per the Commissioner’s instructions at the time the draft pool is released.
a. The Timer shall be set as specified below;
i. 1st round – 2 hours
ii. 2nd round – 1.5 hours
iii. 3rd round and each subsequent round – 1 hour
b. GMs are encouraged to create a draft list at their convenience to assist in moving the draft along.
c. Any GM that is unable to make their selection prior to the timer running out will be set to “Auto” by the draft moderator for the remaining rounds. A GM can remove auto and make picks should they wish to do so for the remainder of the draft.

2. A Rule 5 Draft will be held on December 1st of each season. GMs shall add Rule 5 Draft players to their 40 man roster should they wish to protect said player.
a. Players selected in the Rule 5 Draft are not eligible to be traded until 1 full season after they are selected.
b. GMs are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the standard Rule 5 Draft Rules to ensure they are properly managing their organization.


A. The League is governed by 3 Commissioners and a 3 member Executive Committee.

B. League Commissioners

1. General Duties

a. The Commissioners have ultimate responsibility for (i) setting deadlines for team exports, (ii) running simulations, (iii) maintaining the League website, (iv) supervising the draft, (v) overseeing free agency, and (vi) all other issues of day-to-day governance of the League.

b. The Commissioners have final say per a majority vote and shall retain the right to enact league changes deemed in the best interest of the league.

c. The Commissioners may delegate his responsibilities as necessary.

C. Executive Committee

1. General Duties

a. The Executive Committee will act as forum moderators, draft moderators, trade review committee, and provide feedback on rule amendments as required.

b. The Executive Committee who also will assist the Commissioners in enforcing the League rules.


A. The League is open to any GM, and all GMs shall control one team in the League. The League will start with OOTP 17 and will update to a new version every 2 years.

B. GMs should stay as active as possible to ensure the health and future of the League. GMs that persist in a lengthy period of inactivity may be removed from the league by unilateral action by the Commissioners. Warnings will be given prior to any such action.

C. If a GM will not be able to participate for a certain period of time due to vacation or any other reason, they may post regarding their time away on the forum and that will be taken into account.

D. A Waiting List shall be maintained by the Commissioners as necessary.


A. Regular season simulations will be run 4 times in every 7-day period, usually on a Sunday-Tuesday-Thursday-Friday schedule. Postseason and offseason sim schedules will run daily until Opening Day.

1. Team exports are due by 8:59:59 pm EST on the day of the sim. (Please note: Daylights Savings Time can differ depending on the region of the GM. GMs are responsible for knowing their own deadlines.)

2. Trades expected to be processed pre-sim must be submitted no later than 8:30 pm EST along with detailed instructions for the Commissioners to properly install the traded players prior to sim time. Trades to be completed post sim can be submitted anytime prior to the end of the sim.
a. GMs should prepare their lineup and pitching staff in such a fashion the Commissioners can easily place the traded players in appropriate spots.
b. Any errors or omissions are not the responsibility of the Commissioners. Mistakes happen, no freaking out allowed.

3. Each regular-season simulation will process one week in the League and will be run without interruption. No changes may be made once the simulation has commenced. If, after the simulation has commenced, an error is found that makes continuation of the sim impossible or endangers the physical integrity of the league file, the simming Commissioner (or other GM delegated to run the simulation) may (i) make any changes to a team’s roster, (ii) abort the simulation, or (iii) take any other reasonable action that he deems to be in the best interests of the League.

4. If the simming Commissioner is unable to simulate games according to schedule, he will make every reasonable effort to notify the GMs that there will be a delay, either by e-mail or via the League website or Forum.

5. A new league file will be made available as soon as possible following the conclusion of the scheduled simulation.

A. The goal of the financial setup for the League is to create a fair and balanced environment where new and old GMs can succeed and enjoy the game. Financial rules will always be open for discussion as the league progresses to ensure balance is maintained.

1. The OOTP financial system will govern.

2. There will be a cash cap of $30 million per team.

3. A luxury tax will be used. The OOTP default is a soft cap of 120% of league average payroll with a 20% tax. The League will start at 120/30. This means if you spend over 120% of the league’s average payroll, you will pay $1.3 per every $1 spent over the soft cap.

4. Profits and Losses carry over season to season
a. Note: New GMs will have any losses reset to $0. Surpluses will remain.

5. National/Local Media contracts are as per the OOTP default. These are subject to change via in-game engine.

6. Market Size, Loyalty, Fan Interest are set to Average at League inception. These are all subject to change via in-game engine and PPPs. Note: Market Size can only change a maximum of 2 above or 2 below the starting point.

7. Contracts
a. Service years for arbitration is OOTP default of 3 years. Minor FA is also OOTP default of 6 years.
b. Maximum contracts are set to 6 years.
c. Multiple year contracts shall have no more than a 20% change in year over year values.
d. Player Opt outs or Player Options can not be after a Team Option.
e. Team Option Buyouts must be at least 25% of the coinciding contract year.
f. New GMs will have the right to remove 1 ‘bad’ contract in their first year should they wish to do so.

Note: Mistake are made. If you notice you’ve made one, please let the Commissioners know. If you notice another GM has made an error, please notify the Commissioners. Should a pattern of abuse appear, further action will be taken at the discretion of the Commissioners.

VI. Player Participation Points (PPP)



A. Trades between GMs shall be posted to the Completed Trades forum thread, with the player’s names, position, league level. The posting GM is assumed to approve of the trade, while the non-posting GM will have to reply confirming the trade prior to it being executed.

1. The trade post shall include the following;
a. Teams involved,
b. Player’s names, position and league level they are currently at or draft to be moved,
c. Tagged GM required to confirm the trade,
d. Tagged Commissioner required to process the trade,
e. Tagged Executive required to record trading of draft picks in the master Draft Pick Tracker file.

For Example;

Team A receives;
SP Bob Jones (AA)

Team B receives;
RP John Smith (AAA)
2nd Round Pick (2017)

Team B’s GM to confirm the trade
Commissioner Bill
Executive Tom

B. Any new GM that has been in the league for less than 1 year (in-game), will be required to submit their proposed trade to the Trade Committee for review prior to posting.
a. The Trade Committee will approve the trade, reject the trade, or provide recommendations to both GMs in order for the trade to be made acceptable at the sole discretion of the trade committee.

C. Trading of newly drafted players is allowed only after the player has signed.

D. Draft Picks in rounds 1 through 3 can be traded. Future draft picks 3 years ahead can be traded.
a. The Draft marks the day the future picks schedule advances. I.e. If it’s pre-draft 2016, you can trade 2016, 2017 and 2018 draft picks only. If it’s post-draft 2016, you can trade 2017, 2018, 2019.


A. 25-man active roster and 40-man secondary roster are in effect, postseason roster rules are disabled. Expanded roster size is 40 players and takes effect on September 1st of each season.

B. All owners shall have complete lineups and depth charts submitted in order to expedite simulations.

C. There are no restrictions on position learning in the minor leagues.

D. Any rotation setup allowed by the OOTP may be used.

E. GMs are responsible only for managing their own settings, not for in-game moves made by the OOTP AI.

F. To the extent that OOTP allows for individual player settings, an owner may change any of these settings


A. Hall of Fame voting will be completed within OOTP

B. There will be a 3 year waiting period after a player retires.


A. Should a GM wish to propose a rule change, the following steps apply;

1. Post a clear and concise explanation of the proposed rule change.

2. The Commissioners and Executive Committee will review and discuss.

3. If the proposed rule change is in spirit of maintaining a fair and balanced league, the Commissioners will post a poll question for a minimum of 2 weeks (real time).
a. The poll will require a minimum of 75% of the league to have voted to be deemed valid. It is each GMs responsibility to understand the pros and cons and vote accordingly.
b. To be approved, a proposed rule change requires 66% voting in favour of the change.

4. Note: The Commissioners retain the right to modify league rules should the health of the League require immediate attention.